Sally Szyndel

Oxfordshire Speech Therapy

         Independent Speech & Language Therapist

Abingdon, Oxfordshire



07730 702739


   Frequently Asked Questions


   Why do I need an Independent Speech and Language Therapist?

   The waiting list for appointments on the NHS can be long, whereas I will usually be able to offer an     appointment in a couple of weeks.  In addition, I have more flexibility with appointments and can offer     early evenings or Saturday mornings which may suit working parents better.


   Can I still have therapy on the NHS?

   Yes, employing an independent Speech and Language Therapist does not have any impact on your NHS     service.  It may be that once your child is being seen by the local NHS therapist, you decide that you no     longer need independent therapy, or that you would like to continue with private therapy.  I will liaise     with the NHS therapist wherever possible.


  How much does it cost?

   A 1 hour session costs £70.  This is usually 45 minutes with the child and 15 minutes liaison with parents     or school – discussing progress/concerns and activities for the coming week.  I may make a small     charge to cover travel costs but all fees  will be discussed and agreed before I start work.

   More details of charges can be found under ‘terms and conditions’.


  How far will you travel?

   I am based in Abingdon, South Oxfordshire.  I am happy to travel to venues in Oxfordshire and Berkshire    for appointments, but I do make charges for travel expenses if you live more than 5 miles from my home in    North Abingdon.


  How long will my child need therapy for?

   That depends on your child’s difficulties and how severe they are.  Unfortunately there is no easy answer    to that one but I will be able to advise based on my assessment findings.  


   Will you write a report?

   Not routinely, but if you would like a report then please let me know.  I will usually write a brief report     after an initial consultation.  I will provide multiple copies of a report for you to distribute as appropriate,     or I can send them on your behalf.