Sally Szyndel

Oxfordshire Speech Therapy

         Independent Speech & Language Therapist

Abingdon, Oxfordshire



07730 702739


   How I Work


   When I am asked to see a child, an initial consultation will be arranged.  This allows me to take a case    history from parents/carers and assess the child’s communication skills using both formal and informal    assessment.


   Following the assessment, I will then agree a course of action with parents – this may be a review in a    few weeks or months time or a block of regular therapy sessions.  I will usually provide practical strategies    or specific activities for parents and/or school to carry out between sessions to support the work I am    doing.


   I am happy to see children in their own home, or in their school/preschool setting.  I ask that whoever is     carrying out the homework activities attends the session as well so that they are aware of what we have     covered.


   Schools can also employ my services to provide training about speech and language difficulties in the     classroom and strategies to help children with speech and language difficulties in the classroom.